Linn Sondek LP12 serial number decoder

Find out when your turntable was made

This tool allows you enter your Linn Sondek LP12 serial number and get a year of manufacture (or a range) and a link to help find the resale value. Linn have been putting serial numbers on their legendary Sondek LP12 since its release in 1972. They are numbers only (no letters) and are sequential so for this tool I have collated serial numbers and deduced the year of manufacture based on features of the turntable. It should be accurate to within 1 year although there are some large ranges currently returned, if this happens to you and you are willing to share most of your serial number please get in contact with a purchase year so I can fine tune the tool and fill in the gaps. The serial number is found on a sticker at the rear, you want just the numerical one. Please note this is for the Sondek LP12 only, I may add other Linn devices at some point if there is enough demand.

Linn serial number :

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