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Certina ref and serial number decoder

Get date and specs from Certina watch numbers

This tool uses the serial number from a vintage Certina watch to find its manufacture date and it decodes the Certina reference number to find the movement, model, case material and where available some specifications and part numbers. It should work for any Certina watch made from the 1950s to 1974 when Certina stopped putting a serial number on their watches. The date is not 100% accurate but should be within a year or so. Both numbers can be found on the caseback, if the serial number is missing it suggests that the watch is made some time after 1974. The serial number will be 6 or 7 digits long and the reference will be 7 digits or more normally with 1 or 2 spaces in it. If either contain dots or letters then it is most likely after 1974 and not possible to decode using this decoder. To look up specifications for a particular Certina movement instead try the Certina movement decoder.

Please include any dashes and in particular spaces in the reference. You can enter either number or both numbers.

Certina Serial Number :
Certina Reference Number :

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