The Casio watch date tool

Casio serial number, batch or module code dating

This decoder uses Casio batch codes, serial numbers and module codes to attempt to find the date of a casio watch. Where available, it will return links to manuals and battery information. Casio have not consistently used serial numbers on their watches so there are three possible options to help narrow down the date of your Casio watch. It can also be used to spot a fake Casio, if the dates returned don't agree with what you know about the watch or the model's production dates.

Some high end Casio watches (including many G-Shock models) do have a serial number, its nearly always 6 characters long and found on the back of the watch. The second character can be an O, N or D but the rest are normally numbers.

Modern solar powered Casios may contain a batch code, its 8 characters long and contains numbers and letters, the last character will always be a letter. To my knowledge only solar models will ever have this code.

If you have neither of these or you need to further narrow it down then your last option is the production dates for the watch module, for this I have collated the release dates of as many Casio models as I could find (over 1600 so far), to search this list you need to use the module code that is contained within an etched box on the back of the watch. You do not need to open the watch for any of these codes. If they are not on the caseback, you don't have one.

Please enter whichever codes you can find on your watch and click decode :-

Casio Serial number: (Currently only supports 6 chr serials)

Casio Batch code : (8 characters long and ends in a letter)

Casio Module code: (The number with a box around it)

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