With the exception of the Apple serial number decoder the serial number decoding is done in your browser, serial numbers are not sent to my servers in order to decode them. In some cases some information about them may be sent to me for the sole purpose of informing me where errors have crept in and providing me with a list of common models not currently in my database so that I can research and improve. Things like how many digits or perhaps the first character, purely to figure out where people are going wrong. The Apple serial number is sent in full to my server for decoding but is not stored, the last 4 digits (the model ID) are logged but only if they are unknown to me so I can look them up and add them to the database. In order to supply an affiliate link applicable to your country and to return local Ebay results in your currency my site uses IP based geotracking, even so this is done on a partial IP, your full IP address is never used in stats. Any statistics logging is done on my own server for the sole purpose of understanding my users and improving the service and is never passed to anybody for any reason whatsoever.


All serial number decoding is done directly in your browser, nothing is passed to my servers. On some pages the model number may be logged. This is done so I can check the site is working and to give me a list of commonly searched for items so that I can research them and add them to my database if they are missing.

This site is available over both http and https and I would suggest using https.


This site uses tracking which is done on my servers, no 3rd party has access to this data. It is used by me to find out things such as how visitors find my website, how long they spend here, which web pages they use and whether they leave with a result. Serial numbers are not logged and neither are full IP addresses.

Some pages have an affiliate link (at the bottom), after clicking on these links the landing page will drop a cookie which enables the fact that you came from my site to be tracked. The same is true of the "click to find out what it is worth" ebay link displayed after you have decoded a serial number. These sites will have their own privacy policies but apart from information about the item you looked up on my site (again, not the serial number) no personal data is passed from my site to these external sites. Apart from the accuracy of the external links to get a value for your item my site should work perfectly well with cookies blocked and as many security features active in your browser as you require.

Within this document the use of the term "site" refers to, and These are my domains.