The Omega watch model decoder

Automatically decode Omega PIC codes, case references, product references.

Omega have used various types and formats of codes over the years, I have attempted to collate all formats into one automated tool. The case reference can normally be found on the inside of the caseback. The 5 to 9 digit long number containing no dots, spaces or letters may be the serial number which can be decoded using the Omega serial number decoder.

This tool works by first checking the exact code to see if it matches anything in my database of over 1200 Omega watches. It will then attempt to decode the code manually digit by digit to find various characteristics of the watch. These should help you to find a more accurate value for the watch and especially when combined with the dates returned by the Omega serial number decoder and the new Omega movement database may help you to spot any inconsistencies which may require further investigation.

Some examples of supported Omega formats ('A' signifies a letter) | AA.123.1234 | AA 123.1234 | 123.1234 | 123.123 | 1234.56.78 | 123456-78 | 123456-78AA | AA123456-78

Omega code :
(please include any dots or spaces)

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