About this site

Welcome to my collection of serial number date decoders and tools. This project started when I wrote a basic tool to cross reference the serial numbers and the movements on my personal vintage watch collection. As I searched for the information required to build it I realised this tool was becoming quite a large resource that other people may find useful so I made it available online. I have noticed text from the output has appeared in some eBay listings and its nice to think users may be creating more detailed and better listings using my tools.

When I decided to develop another serial number decoder to date my Gibson Les Paul guitar I realised that a single site with multiple serial number decoders aimed at collectors, sellers and dealers could be useful. So here it is, it now covers vintage or antique watches such as Rolex, Tissot, Timex and Omega as well as Gibson, Fender and CF Martin guitars. As a lover and owner of vintage synths I added a Roland decoder (which includes all the old analogue gear and Boss pedals), finally Yamaha pianos and Hot Wheels. I intend to expand it to cover anything a bit retro/vintage and collectable as long as I can find the info to date it from the serial or model number.
This site is continually evolving with new manufacturers added and updates to existing ones, visual date indicators are coming soon to help with narrowing down results for watches and Gibson guitars.

Latest additions:- Coming soon:-